Startlogic web hosting reviews & experience

Why hosted Startlogic review site is the real thing!

We are taking this web hosting review one step further with account setup with them and we are paying for our hosting plan just like any other customer. With this site hosted with them, this is the best review site and offering nothing but truth. We perform our own research, test their products and evaluate their service. You can find the latest coupons in here too.

Introduction to Startlogic

This is a web hosting company that make their name. Selected as best provider for few consecutive years, beating many other companies and stealing their thrown. They are offering professional quality web hosting plan, aiming the business websites and they are now utilizing two data centres with over 800 servers. In house technical support team, their service quality is at its best.

Startlogic Homepage

Is Startlogic any good? Now with two shared web hosting, one is the basic plan with one domain limit and second plan is with unlimited domains. Recommended for business site and it works well for personal sites too. They uses secure server, offering cheap domain name, good customer support 24/7, and they have great VPS plan and private server packages for upgrade when you need it.

The most popular Prologic plan is with free domain name included, with free security suite and you can host unlimited domain names with this plan. The personal plan giving you one domain hosting limit, we would recommend the Prologic plan for future flexibility.

Choose this professional plan that offers unlimited domains hosting if you have bit more budget to spend, and for sure the unlimited domain features enable you to host few more websites in the same account without additional cost. More value for long term, hosting ten of websites with no extra cost. Break down the cost amount all your websites, and each sites only cost you few cent each month.

Startlogic vDeck control panel review

The website control panel is using vDeck. Another good advantage is that they are using the much better vDeck control panel. This control panel is with everything in one place, including domain manager and registering new domain, website configuration, email and FTP configuration, website builder, and 1-click installer with SimpleScripts.

From this vDeck, user can manage their website domain name, create new FTP account and email account, create website using site builder, and install application into their website and manage upgrade from here too. This is the most advanced web hosting control panel, and we prefer this feature too. This review site is able to run smoothly is mostly thanks to this powerful vDeck control panel.

From our account, we take a screenshot of the control panel and paste it as following. Here is demo and this is what you’re going to get as well. Here is the vDeck control panel looks like.

Startlogic vDeck control panel

Startlogic FTP service and connectivity. How to FTP upload files to web server? After sign up with them, what you need to do next is to upload web pages and files over to their server, and the only way you can do that is through FTP client. There is wide variety of FTP client that you can use, including SmartFTP or ws_FTP program. But my all time FTP program is the free FTP client program call FileZilla, available for free download at

SSH connection to server is included. This is one of the leading web hosting providers with years of experience. They have come with the features in its Plesk control panel. SSH connection is just one of the features under Virtuozzo. SSH stands for Secure Shell access which allows you to use UNIX/LINUX command line instructions to administer your website. This is way to transfer files securely between client and server and a protocol for securely getting access to a remote computer.

With such secure connection, you can transfer files or have remote log in without any worries. SSH commands are encrypted for you, therefore both ends of the client and server connection are authenticated using a digital certificate, and passwords are protected by being encrypted.

Advanced webmasters or web developers might need SSH connection in order to have a direct access to their account on the web server, so that they can configure their accounts securely and easy for them to transfer large files, setup CRON jobs, backups, and etc. They offer the best web hosting with SSH support which is most affordable secure shell accounts. SSH connection is included for free.

Startlogic email service and creating new email account. The email account and features are good. For Prologic plan for instance, you will have following features which including unlimited POP3 mailboxes, email forwarding, auto-responders, and spam filtering. It’s a complete solution for all your need. To start configure or create new mail account for your domain name. Log in to vDeck control panel, and browse to MailCentral. Create new e-mail account, and create new message forwarding as well. It support catch-all feature as well, and all message to invalid accounts can be routed to an assigned account. So here is when this feature become handy.

Startlogic webmail client programs. The webmail clients is offered with secure login. They provide this for your easy access to your mailbox. You can use any browser, IE or Firefox or Opera, and go to Enter your account and password to proceed. Off course you can use your browser to remember to log in username and password for easy & faster log in next time.

If you forgotten or lost your login or password, simple go to vDeck control panel, and reset the password. After reset, go back to webmail to try log in again.

Startlogic webmail login page

Startlogic speed test and rating. Our hosted website speed performance is great. In simple, there is two types of web hosting services; one is the fast and another is slow. Webmaster is running away from slow web host to the faster web host. Poor web hosting company are usually getting bad rating and negative feedback from their clients. In our reviews, we collect user reviews and from there we evaluate the quality.

For this website, this is the server speed test and Time to connect is 0.033839 second and total website loading time is 0.714298 second. The complete website size is 26.06 KB. Next, we test the blog category page and see how it perform. The category page is usually slower as it require more functions and MySQL database queries. The server speed rating here in rated at 1.02 second in time. Surprisingly this website speed rating is compatible with what we found at top hosts like IPage, BlueHost and Hostgator.

Startlogic download speed

Startlogic uptime and downtime is good. Our hosted website uptime is near perfect. Worry no more, our hosted website is getting 99.999% uptime in average for the year of 2010, average server response is 0.282 second. You want proof for this? Here is the website uptime for our site.

From our monitoring since 2008, we know their uptime percentage and downtime percentage. For example from year 2009 to 2011, our website uptime rating is the highest. There is more downtime for this years compare to previous annual report.

This further proving budget shared hosting can have great uptime rating too, we’ve seen similar great uptime at Fatcow, Justhost and Powweb that are selling at $3 price range.

Startlogic uptime percentage

Startlogic affiliate program reviews. Their affiliate program is with good payout. If you are using their service, then consider to signup their affiliate program and earning one hundred dollars per sales referred as well. Basically, it’s simple as sign up the program, get affiliate tracking link, and use it to refer sales to them. The commission is approved for one or two year sale only. If you not prefer the affiliate program, then consider signup their referral program.

One thing in concern is this affiliate program is not using cookies tracking, without cookies, you will lose some sales. If you refer visitor to them and they signup the next day etc, you will lost the sales. However, look at the bright side, you can successfully recommend your friends or family members, and the success rate will improve dramatically right.

Is Startlogic knowledge base provide sufficient information? The knowledge base and support center is excellent. It is now the third week reviewing this hosting company. Been actively search through search engine like Google, Yahoo, and MSN etc. So far, their user reviews are positive, and rarely will see people complaining about this host. Small problem or issue will be there at every host, and your role is to understand how to get it fix, before send in support ticket and wait for reply. When question is not reply precisely, people said Startlogic sucks etc.

Here we will point out a few places that you can quick search for tutorial or guides to help you get thing done and get thing fixed by yourself. Make sure the problem is not cause by our own scripting bug or configuration problem. Visit scripting homepage, e.g., Find their installation guideline, and use it as a checklist. Search through Google for similar problem, and hopefully someone before me already shows the answer for that. Visit knowledge base website, and search for guidelines and instructions to solve the problem. We will use the troubleshooter, located at the support site. This tool is useful when our problem is related to email or FTP. Finally, we realized its server side problem or setting problem; we will initiate a support ticket and raise the problem to them. Follow up on the support ticket. Until it’s solved. If we having server downtime or webpage not accessible, we will start live chat with technical support. In this review website, we evaluate everything and this including customer support quality too.

Startlogic and upgrade options. Sadly, they only have shared hosting plans and even with their all-redesigned homepage, they are not adding in new products like VPS or server plans for upgrade option. We hope one day they will offer more and similar to Webhostingbuzz, A2hosting or Greengeeks that offers widest range of products selection. Some web hosts have gone further and offering cloud hosting plans, for example we have Site5 and Liquidweb that leads right now.

Startlogic coupons and extra discounts for those signing up here

They are having sales promotion and special discount price from time-to-time too. Transfer customer can enjoy extra discounts too. And beside this, they also give away up to half price discount, for example right here is their sales promotion and price is just $3.95/mo only.

What is the best Startlogic coupon code? There is no coupon code or promo code to enter, just signup during the sales promotion and entitle for the greatest discount. This price also includes all the free gift and free domain name inside. Use the following secret discount link to get to their best promo page and entitle for the current best price. Click on below banner to activate the latest coupon price!

$3.95 special discount

This year they extended the shared hosting product ranges and now offering up to 3 shared hosting plans. The most basic plan is named express web hosting and it is equipped with a unique site builder tool in which it only require user to answer a few simple question and it will create a custom site instantly. This tool is included in this Express plan for free and no extra cost require.

For this year, we have see the following new marketing tools being introduced into their shared hosting products too. All three shared hosting are now come with lots more of free marketing credits and free gifts. It includes 500 pages of marketing guides for your website success, $100 Google Adwords bonus, $50 Facebook credits, and $50 Yahoo Bing search credits.

Free marketing tools

Startlogic cash back rebate is in here. Their hosting is currently continue the special discount on new customer sign up, where you are only paying for $2.95/mo for the first 12 months, instead of the $5.95/mo normal price. This is a rebate that you can’t miss. Over the year reviewing, this is the best web hosting rebate we ever come across. And it’s directly given by them. Meaning this cash rebate is applied to your bill directly, and you are just paying $2.95 for 12 months only. That is a total rebate of $36 dollars from your bill.

Startlogic private SSL certificate on sale. Right now, they offer a special price for QuickSSL Premium. It is on sale now with limited time only. Why need QuickSSL premium? If you are having e-commerce website or any online business that requires sharing information or payment transaction, you have to ensure your website must include with SSL Certificate.

The purpose of using SSL is to protect sensitive information during online transactions easily and securely. It authenticates the identity of your website and encrypts information sent to the server using encryption technology. The SSL Certificate is based on your domain name, “https” in address bar. For example:, where is your actual domain name.

This QuickSSL premium features are issued by GeoTrust®, with up to 256-bit encryption and compatible for most web browsers. That is secure access over HTTPS and compatible with mobile device. It is worth one hundred thousand dollars of protection level and you can have extended warranty for this plan with unlimited free reissues by GeoSure protection plan.

Startlogic video streaming and top 10 video websites

These top ten market video sharing websites represent a powerful upsurge directing the future of video online. Market video, more than anything else, will expand the employment and utility of the web. Internet streaming on the Internet’s future depends on consumers’ uptake into the brand new video medium. Without these new market video sites to host and offer a guide to the consumer there will stay the hodgepodge of majordomo video site/searches offering 9 billion videos defined labels.

These websites represent special and unique markets. The sites are nicely placed, designed, and have appropriate content that’s relative to their market. The content is unique online. Consumers offer video was uploaded by some user community throughout this issue and most host user together with the capacity to share and embed. Their communities are started and they’re top websites for market video.

The many methods to promote concepts and merchandise throughout the medium are innumerable. This article is supplied at which you are able to grow with video in your favourite area to assist with thoughts and path.

10. UGA Space – University of Georgia Athens campus video streaming. This website is nearly like one of those TV videos about “Spring Break.” drinking, Sports parties, beer, tailgating, drunks, football, fraternity parties, basketball, the website fill as they do school life. User uploads videos with buddies, position, opinions and other applications. Linked to a host of other University TV websites. School sports is huge!

9. MusicTV Share – a fresh video share website has been developed by one of the earliest music streaming websites in the Internet. MusicTV Share is a market video website that crosses a broad range of flavors and diverse and popular musical genre. It’s first musical fare not located on MTV or YouTube. An entire range of community tools like voting, opinions, play lists, shared uploading of user video, etc are accessible.

8. Cold Blooded TV – is about cold blooded creatures. Reptiles of all kinds. Frogs, Anaconda snakes, albino reticulated pythons, and more interesting than the barrel of monkeys. This is actually the area for people who adore zombie turtles and crocodiles. The fare is from informative to the website as well as humorous hosts the video when offering links, opinions, evaluations and community tools.

7. Vimeo is a complex, free video sharing site. Primary users are permitted to upload up to 500MB of video content weekly, or pay for an account. Vimeo brings a wide range of video artists, and is usually used to upload skits, short films, and portfolios. The web site supports widescreen format and total high definition streaming, along with a variety of video codec support, making it the perfect place to observe and share high quality and private videos that are high definition.

6. Karaoke Dancing – Who’d have believed? Karaoke online? Why not? Here it’s the Karaoke video website that streams market Karaoke correct at you. Wish to sing? There you go. All the tools to satisfy with others and share your latest set; it’s consistently enjoyable to be a star for now. Has an entire group of a great fun market as well as community interfaces to be in. Videos on Youtube are frequently short films that are home made, but a lot of record labels are currently releasing low quality versions of their most popular music videos in the site. Youtube is your most suitable choice in the event you are seeking a recap of the most recent sports game, news cast, or address.

5. Anime Lab – since 1999 this is actually the very best anime archive. Cartoon video clips and anime cartoon form a vast group connected to a network of other anime websites. Whole with voting, surveys, sharing, hosting and your regular array of community involvement software.

4. Free World TV – supplies a collection of the most effective broadband Net television stations from all over the world. An extremely comprehensive choice of websites makes this a great destination for world-wide television buffs. Free World will not provide community tools that are as many as a number of the remainder of these websites but is a market guide to live TV from many countries.

3. MovieTV – has a number of shorts, video, films, and cartoons on an array of issues. Independent filmmakers of all sorts get embed code to encourage their work on additional websites and may upload their works. It is an excellent advertising tool for anybody in amusement that establishes the tempo for other people to follow. Clever design work using a turn of “Tarantino goes to the drive-in,” it’s an entire group of community tools like voting, play lists, favorites, buddies, messaging, etc.

2. Teacher Television – Bringing instruction to the medium is a catchy thing. Do we recall the government instruction movies that are dry? This website makes instruction exciting. At Teacher Tube teachers appear to get to make some astounding works of video. Art, music, educational it’s here. The community is open to teachers but everyone can participate and look. Entire community tools in a well-designed website.

1. YouTube is typically the most popular video streaming web site. It has a large number of videos on just about any subject possible, all user free to observe and submitted. The videos are offered in widescreen format, though most videos uploaded keep the initial 4:3 aspect ratio. Along with widescreen, videos are now able to be uploaded and seen in high quality.

Startlogic photo gallery website hosting

Are you a photographer, designer, or personal hobbies? When creating gallery website, never go with free web hosting site, especially for your business. Free Web Host will not provide you quality service with long run and often times have to deal with not enough space being available for your web pages. If you wish to expand your website, then you may be restricted to the amount of space that is actually available for you. Every business wants their website to continue growing above any offered quota that may be given to them. I would recommend that you go with a cheap web hosting provider like this one.

Startlogic has been awarded with the best web host reward since year 2006. It is one of the leading providers trusted by over 100,000 customers who has enjoy the benefit of running 50 domains through one web hosting account. Their hosting packages include free setup and free domain names with no other hidden costs or fees. The host we recommended that is best for a collection of the best photography portfolio websites all in one place. The ProLogic plan on has much to offer a free domain for the lifetime of your website and customer support available on 24/7 via phone, email or live chat. Disk space and Bandwidth are also unlimited. You have no more worried about the limited space to store larger file photo to your website.

They have brimming feature set, replete with a control panel for easy and streamlined site management and a website builder that allows you to build a simple but professional-looking website on your own. We were also pleased to find the web hosting service delivers an assortment of features apt for more advanced users. For instance, you can create custom site error pages and view raw access logs to evaluate how much traffic your site is getting. All features come standard in its hosting packages; this alone makes the service inherently better than many of the other hosting providers in our line-up.

You may also have the options to install the popular photo gallery web applications like Coppermine, Gallery, Zenphoto, Pixelpost, and 4images. Those web applications really do have everything you need for your online gallery, and you’ll even stare in awe at some of the innovative innovations we innovated upon and it is really great for gallery project as well. All the installation steps are very easy. Just log into control panel and simply clicked into the SimpleScripts to choose your specific scripts and install to your website.

Startlogic forum site installation from installer tool

Going to setup your first phpBB, SMF or vBulletin forum website? But have a very low budget and not sure which hosting provider to choose? In this case, we would recommend this shared web hosting.

For forum hosting, you will need a PHP hosting with MySQL database. Their basic plan shall be enough, and can support quit many forum members log in to your site at the same time. When forum site growth to over hundreds of simultaneous log in, VPS hosting or server is recommended. They are offering these as well, and you can upgrade your site with no downtime.

For forum script installation, you can use the vDeck’s InstallCentral. Here got the phpBB for quick installation. Follow the prompt, and your forum will running in no time. If you are using paid forum script like vBulletin, you can manually FTP upload the files to server, and install it from your web browser.

Forum hosting

Startlogic E-commerce site installation from vDeck

You can start your e-commerce website easily here from vDeck control panel. Go to application installer. Two shopping cart scripts provided, which are osCommerce and Agora shopping cart. Click and select to install osCommerce.

In Simplescripts, you can choose from their largest variety of e-commerce open source software and install it into your domain. Setup e-commerce site and choose to use their payment processing system too, which allows your website to accept credit card payments online.

If refer to above, you learn how to install shopping cart from vDeck. Other than that, you also can manual install the script, without going through the application installer in vDeck. It’s easier than you think. Download the free osCommerce shopping cart script. And unzip it and upload to server. Log in to Starlogic vDeck, and create a new MySQL database. Check the setting of php.ini, make sure it is register_globals=on. Browse to where you upload the folder, e.g.:, and the installer will guide you from there. Few more steps from osCommerce installer and your installation are completed. Now, you are ready to sell products online and make money online.

Shopping carts included

Startlogic blog setup and manual installation test

This review blog is created using WordPress. If you are going to setup blog at here, definitely this guide will be helpful. First, download blog script. And unzip it. Log in to vDeck, and create new MySQL database. Open the WordPress wp-config.php, and change the database parameter. Enter the database name, password, and location. Upload all WordPress files to server. Go to your domain, and the WordPress installer will start. You will be asking for blog name, and your email address. Enter both and the installation is completed.

Simple as that, installing blog at Startlogic’s Prologic plan is much easier that you could imagine. A special thing that we notice at here is their FTP progress and the upload is not slow and only takes a short while. Result of fast server and network connection at their data centre.